The Tattoo Series

Loveless: Book 1

I am super excited to be launching Book 1 of the tattoo series.

I will be releasing the full blurb in DEC. After the release of The Kincaid’s Volume One.

I wanted to share some background information on this series. So here is some behind the scenes information, that may make you fall in love with the series a bit harder. 😉

The first book, which is titled Loveless.

This whole series is focused on forbidden love within the club drama. Motorcycle drama and the club, play a massive part of this MC series. I would have to say the love story, is a feature but the love story is driven with elements of drama contributed by the club.

My main goal within this series is to show the strength of a family. This series focuses on the family (The Johnston’s). It is a very family focused MC story. While the brotherhood is a massive element. The bones of the brotherhood is family. Love, loyalty and blood. Those three elements make up the brotherhood.

A bit more background information. This is a second generation series. However I see the first generation book, as more of a prologue books that do not need to be read to enjoy this series.

The Second Generation (and if you are familair with my first pen name Simone Elise.) You will know or have heard of Jackson Johnston and Amber Shield.

I have based this series within rural Australia and the Australian gangland’s.

I have went on to add more to it, by including another series of mine and overlapping it with The Kincaid’s. This is another MC Series of mine, releasing in DEC.

While you don’t have to read The Kincaid’s and The Tattoo series together, if you do read them together, it makes the reading experience better.

The characters do overlap from the series. In the first Kincaid book, the characters from the tattoo series, doesn’t feature. But from Vol 2 of the Kincaid’s, the characters do overlap. However from the very first tattoo love series book, they over lap and story lines from The Kincaid’s Vol 1 feature.

In my personal opinion I would read The Kincaid Vol 1 book, then I would read Loveless, which is the first book in the tattoo series. But both series can be read alone.

The pre order link for Loveless is live:

I will be sharing the full blurb in DEC. So right now if you pre order, you are doing it cause you trust my style & hopefully know I work hard to deliver kick ass books.

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