The Kincaid’s

The Beginning

The Kincaid family I have been planning to release for nearly a year now. I started writing it last year, and while the first draft isn’t what is getting published. It did however create the bricks for a epic series. I had a lot of mental restrictions when it came to releasing this series. My main one being, who was I to write another series, and the bigger question being– would I complete this one?

I actually didn’t organize a editor for this book, until I finished the first draft of the second book. I didn’t want to release the first book, without knowing if I would continue it.

I’m excited to share I am turning this series into something more then planned. I am releasing two series– which will be my main focus for the next year or more. The Tattoo Series and the Kincaid Series overlap. While you do not need to read both series, if you do, it will better the experience and I can promise you’ll enjoy it more.

The Kincaid’s are my redemption series. In a lot of ways I am writing this series to prove to myself that I can create more then one main series. And I won’t always be known for old stories.

The Reaper Series (published under Simone Elise) took me nearly six years to write, four full focus years, two years just thinking. If there is one thing I can say about The Kincaid’s and The Tattooed Series is I’m moving quicker and I personally think. I am still creating great stories. Can not wait to share the work I have been focusing on in 2020. Bring on DEC 2020 and Jan 2021.

Sim xx

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