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About Simone Nicholls

I began writing under Explode on Wattpad in 2010. I shared my work online for free for nearly ten years. Racking up over 90 + million online reads. I then posted my work onto another platform in 2015/2016 known as Inkitt. Who went on to publish eleven of my novels. Including the Reaper Series under the pen name of Simone Elise.

My book COLT then went on to Galatea in 2018 and then in 2019 I parted ways with Inkitt, as they are focused on immerse fiction and I like my books published in paperbacks and eBooks (guess I’m old fashion that way)

So in 2020 I began to release book under my real name Simone Nicholls. With my first major series due to release in DEC 2020 and JAN 2021. I am embracing the new opportunities and the creative pieces that will come to life.

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