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Simone Elise’s Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE as for SEP 2020


As most know, this was the beginning of book 5, but it will remain unpublished along with another 4 other books in that series. I am going to answer the commonly asked questions here and then I would like it if this was the last post I had do involving Inkitt and my first MC series. I feel most know, yet, I keep being asked them. So here they are:

1. When will next Reaper Book come out?

I signed the rights to the Reaper Series in 2016. Believing that they would all be published. However Inkitt changed directions and now only publish on Galatea. I DO NOT own the rights so I CAN NOT publish these titles. So the answer is. The next book WILL NOT be coming out.

2. What happens to Brad and Hannah, you left it on the worse cliff hanger!

I have attached the follow up, legally I shouldn’t even be doing that. I am giving you as much closure as I can.

3. So you aren’t releasing another book in the series?

As I tried to explain, I can not. As I do not own the rights.
4. Can’t you get the rights back?

No. But they do return to me in 15 years. Which means in 2029ish they will returned to me.

5. So you aren’t writing anymore?

I am no longer writing under Simone Elise. I have sadly had to change my pen name, to get away from all shit. I want it known, that I am not withholding these books. I am legally tied to contracts. Which I can not get out of. I have been burnt so many bloody times with this series that I am beyond done. I’m just tired. Tired of repeating myself, over and over, and over, and over. To emails, direct messages, comments, pages messages.

6. I am so frustrated! I spent a whole weekend reading this series and I don’t get a ending!?
I understand it is frustrating for you. However. I was the one that spent four years writing a series that will disappear AND more importantly got renamed via a poll on facebook. I would like to see the people that changed the name, write that series for FOUR YEARS and then let someone who you have never met or held a conversation with on social media. CHANGE THE NAME OF YOUR BOOK AND SERIES. Now layer on the facts that they won’t publish your books. And you get bad feedback, bad reviews, bad comments on facebook ads and being bad mouthed on facebook directly on other posts which you don’t control. Because I am as quoted ‘withholding books’ and ‘do not finish series.’ and ‘a terrible author who doesn’t care about her readers time’. Is that enough though? No. How about you also have to change your PEN NAME which you created eleven years ago. Which you spent YEARS building by sharing your work FOR FREE. You have to burn a social media following of 76 thousand people. You have to rebrand your name. You have to abandon a FB page with 15k likes. YOU HAVE TO START FROM THE BEGINNING.

These are my final comments on this series, on Inkitt on anything related to Galatea. THEY ARE IN MY PAST. Please. I beg you. Let me, let it go. I am currently building a brand, from the very first book. I am putting all my focus into developing a author name I control. I tell myself daily, my best writing is a head of me, not behind me. And if I don’t do that, I would just give up. I can no longer keep taking hits, after hits on something that I can not change. I believe everything happens for a reason, I clearly had to go through this, so I go on to create better works. I’m channeling the pain I feel, into my work. I hope in years time, I have something to show for that pain. And that this is just one moment in my author career and not my WHOLE CAREER. If you have read this far, you may now know more about behind the scenes. I thank you for supporting me this far. But I have come to terms with the fact most of my readers, and I, are parting ways. Did I want that to happen? No. But it is. I respect my readers and I loved having them on the journey with me. But some will not be in my future, or read my future work. I accept this and believe my tribe will continue to grow. I have taken away so many things from this. But the main one being, you can not live in the past. The universe opens doors and then closes them. I am no longer banging on a door that is closed. I am moving on to doors that are open. I will never be rude to my readers, so when you email, when you message, I will always be polite. But please remember, I am moving forward and sadly this means parting ways with a lot of past readers and a series which my heart for a very long time. Time heals all wounds, and it has healed me to the point I can now be positive and move forward. I hope this post, answers questions and gives closure. If this is the last thing you read of mine, thank you, and I’m sorry we are parting ways.

– Simone Elise.

FAQ continued:

1. When is the next Reaper Series book being published? 

At this stage it will not be, as Inkitt (who known the publishing rights for this series) are no longer publishing books.

2. When will the next Forbidden book come out, I can’t stand the cliffhanger and need to read the next book! 

The Reaper Series including Forbidden is on pause, until I get dates from my publisher. However to get you off the cliffhanger I have released a quarter of the book on Inkitt. You can read it here:  https://inkitt.app.link/ra_simone It is called Forbidden Romance. 

3. Why can’t you self publish the rest of the Reaper Series I need the next book! 

I do not own the rights to these novels. I can not publish them myself, and they are under a publisher and will hopefully be published in time. 

4. When will Colt be released as a book, I can’t stand waiting every day for an episode. 

I do not own the rights to Colt. They are under a publisher, there are plans for it to be a book, however there are no dates on when it would be published 🙂 

5. Can I read your version of Colt before Galatea? 

No. It is exclusive to Galatea. 

6. Why is Galatea’s Reaper different from the books? 

I like to think of Galatea’s adaption as an alternative version. The story has been rewritten for the app NOT BY ME…. so yes the story is different and there are differences from the books to the app. 

7. When will the next season of Colt be released? 

At this stage there are no dates, that I’m aware of.